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Filing of merger deed. October 27 Oct Company Presentation 1. Activation of administrative proceedings by the State Monopolies Authority Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato on the concession for the collection of revenues through gaming machines. Company name, stock option plans and shareholders meetings. Change in Share Capital.

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Convocation notice, agenda and explanatory notes avialble to general snak. Snaitech results as of 31 December Financial Report dated 31 december are avaiable.

Merger plan among Snai s. Shareholders' meeting approve financial statement and appoints statutory auditors.

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Shareholders' Meeting approves financial statements. Filing BoD minutes related to Trenno merger. Corporate Events Calendar Resignation of two directors. Availability of Finacial Statement.

Press releases

Appointment of a Director and revocation of General Director. Unipersonale, has been filed.

End date Date E. Deposit notice of convocation and report to the shareholders' meeting.

Consolidated First Half Report as at 30 June Press release pursuant to art. Approval of updated Business Plan and release of preliminary financial information for SNAI approves Trenno merger. Appointment by co-option of a board member.

RNS on behalf of Playtech - General meeting approval. New Board of Directors. quotw

Moody's review Snaitech for rating upgrade. Notice of the meeting of shereholders. Company name, stock option plans and shareholders meetings. Deed of merger by incorporation and relocation of the registered offices. Conclusion of the administrative proceedings initiated by AAMS. Documento Informativo Parti Correlate. RNS on behalf of Playtech - Majority shareholding transfer.

Lists for the appointment of the Board of Directors. Filing - Plan of merger by incorporation. Press release - Internal Dealing. Issuance of interim financial reports. Minutes of shareholders' meeting held on 23 April Corporate Events Calendar xnai Update. Supplement to press release issued on 13 march Minutes shareholders' meeting now available.

Expiry of shareholders' agreement "Accordo di Investimento".

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