Mon Feb 08, 9: A countdd DD statement must be present. Join 2 File using a Join Key. The count is written as d decimal digits with leading zeros.

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For details of what that mask is, look it up in the manual, as you will discover other useful pre-defined masks at the time.

Mainframe sort merge

Wed Oct 17, 6: The advantage of the above types of solution is that they basically use very few resources. Wed Aug 15, One way, if on-the-dot accuracy is not required, is to talk to the technical staff who manage your storage.

Join 2 File using a Join Key. Thu Oct 03, 5: Tue Aug 14, Sort card to find duplicates, without changing the record. So far, the number in the first six positions will be divided by two, treated by the mask as an unsigned zoned-decimal of six digits, starting from position X inserts a blank. Tue Aug 07, 2: Use that to format the result.

DFSORT and ICETOOL Emulation

TTmean specifically? Writing multiple records into a CSV report. Thu Aug 30, 8: Thu Aug 02, The count is written as d decimal digits with leading zeros. The remaining elements of sfsort statement are similar. Post as a guest Name. Your client may not be so happy at the end of the year to find that they've paid for reading and "counting" 7.


Note, the physical order in which these are specified in the JCL does not affect the order they are processed in. Sign up using Email and Password. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Process only dfslrt key record in a file containing dup Keys. Specifies d digits for the count in the output record, overriding the default of 15 digits. Sat Aug 25, Splitting one record in a file to 10 output files. Alternatively, something has already previously read or written those files.

Bill my both input files has approx records. Mainframe 'Abend Assist' for Windows

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