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Telecommunication Network - Assisgnment - 1 Category: Computer Network - Assignment Category: Microprocessor System - Assignment No.

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Software Engineering - Sample Paper Category: Software Engineering - Assignment 1 Category: Fluid Systems - Model Paper 2 Category: Last date 1st Apr. OS - Question Bank Category: Computer Graphics - Solid Modelling Category: NIEC now known as Dr.

Microprocessor System - Assignment No. Notes of 2nd sessional. Communication Systems - Assignment Category: Multithreading - Java Notes Category: Pulse Code Modulation - Assignment 4 Category: It is reproduced here for the benefit of students who had missed it.

Last date of submission 4-Apr Analog Modulation - Assignment 1 Category: Introduction to Programming - Assignment 1 Category: To help students for preparing final exams. Fluid Mechanics - Model Paper Category: Computer Graphics - Solved Questions Category: Go through the vut. This is not any Study Material but good for all the students to be the Part of professional body.

Assignments based on first sessional syllabus.

C Programming - Decision Making Category: Notes on Parallel Projection. Algorithm - Algorithms Assignment Category: Assignment - Multimedia Technologies Category: Power system 2 vgu Class Test Category: Ist Semester G and C section Category: Operating System - Chap1: Exceptional Handling - Java Category: Last Date for submission: Testinng Machines - model paper I Category: Microprocessor System - Assignment no.

Computer Graphcis - Shading Category: Algortims - Algorithms Assignment Category: Last Date to submit the assignment is 24th March, Last date to submit assignment is 15th February,

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