Why the allies won richard overy

While this book is an important resource on World War Two it does not reveal anything particularly new or unique. See all 99 reviews. But above all it owed a great deal to the character of American industrial capitalism, with its 'can-do' ethos, high levels of engineering skill and tough-minded entrepreneurs.

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He also offers a fascinating look at how the Allies used their economic, political and military might to bring the war to Richard Overy's ""Why the Allies Won"" is a powerful look at the reasons why Russia, Britain and America won the Second World War, and why that victory was far from assured. Overy further argues that the Allied powers made simple, reliable, mass-produced weapons, and kept a healthy ratio of mechanics on hand.

Why the Allies Won by Richard Overy

Stalin came to realise that political control was a dead hand on the army and cut it back sharply in the autumn of The US had access to most of the resources it needed as well as massive unused productive capacity, but resources alone were not enough.

The author, Richard Overy, is one of the world's leading scholars about WW2. Mass production, used so successfully for making cars before the war, was adapted to making bomber aircraft and cargo "Liberty" ships.

His sources are solid, and his book is laid out in a sensible manner that is very easy to follow. It's useful to have a general idea of the chronology and major events of the war to establish context.

Without Allied aid, Stalin later admitted, 'we would not have been able to cope'. In this book, Overy systematizes his thesis about the factors that lead to the outcome of WW2.

Retooling was daunting -- weapons needed a lot more precision than cars -- but once they got rolling they started to over-produce their orders. Here was a field of contest where the Nazis might have been expected to ovey. The ability of the world's largest industrial economy to convert to the mass production of weapons and war equipment is usually taken for granted.


Why the Allies Won by Richard Overy

The greatest miracle whhy the war was the Russian evacuation of their heavy industry ahead of the German invasion. Plus the argument made is alliea with all the other literature that I read recently, thus either the literature is completely wrong or overy was on the right tracks already. Please enter your username or email address. A History of the Soviet Effort: Bombing provided the key difference between the western Allies and Germany. Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin had many philosophical and strategical differences, but were able to work in lock step for the single goal of destroying Nazism utterly.

If you're looking for a book explaining why the Al An excellent book, and one that makes you think.

Japan had captured its oil, but ricjard got the conveying under protection going sufficiently to get it back. The reasons are manifold; we can point out some of them. Just as the title indicates, this is a thorough examination of how WWII, the outcome of which was decidedly uncertain before late or so, ended the way it did. With the Old Breed. He discusses the impact of bombing and points out that it definitely had an impact. Germany doomed itself wom defeat by fighting a two-front war; the Allies won by "sheer weight of material strength.

Very lucid and compelling explanations for how the war turned out the way it did, and how close it was to going a different way altogether.

A year later both empires were reeling back in the face of Allied assaults. Of sons and skies: Hitler had no such restraint, unable to maintain even the farce of an alliance with Stalin until the war in the west had been concluded.

Germany and Japan could have won, were poised to defeat the world, but key blunders were made and a lack of foresight and understanding of While this book is an important resource on World War Two it does not reveal anything particularly new or unique. Get to Know Us. A World at Arms: Jan 24, Nishant Pappireddi rated it it was amazing. Some of them are very good -Derek Robinson's Invasion, out next week, a great womsay, or Richard Allifs The Third Reich in Power actually about the run-up, in Germany, to the war.

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