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I loved the first half of the book since it builds up to something big but then there is no climax. We are experiencing technical difficulties. In the meantime, Ky is dealing with the fact that he is being sent by the Society from Village to Village as a decoy in order to fool the enemy the Rising into thinking that there are actually villagers living there.

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These two elements really complemented each other and while the book did have me falling asleep at some points, I can forgive it because of the payoff of this wonderful, introspective writing. I don't understand why she did that.

Society mad, it would wuv to kill the Enemy. WHO are these people in "The Rising" and what the heck is their motivation? We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Characters Cassia and Ky were basically the same person.

Crossed Book Reviews

There was a lot of mystery that I would have liked to see unraveled, and so I was a bit disappointed with the story itself. Had this not been a sequel to a book I so enjoyed, I would not have finished it or I would have taken months to finish it. Not a big battle, but something that will set the plans in motion for the next allly. Cassia's quest leads her to question much of what she holds dear, even as she finds glimmers of a different life across the border.

Crossed : Ally Condie :

And lemme tell you, the paths are indeed twisted more than ever. I couldn't tell, but this definitely peaked my curiosity and I wonder what will be going on between them in the future Which is exactly what happened with Crossedbecause despite the decent character development, the lack of immediacy or actual actions of the Society and the Enemy allowed my boredom to burgeon.

And then his smile, the sun. I don't know and neither will you, not even after reading the entire crosssd. All That Glitters Holly Smale. Her determination to find him sustains her through the toil in the dirt. Who put Ky's name into the Matching pool?

This promising series took a turn for the worse. The Resistance would wuv to destroy the Society.

Nerdie Andee

There really are no words properly defining my rage. And with a cover with as painful a position as this piece of work: Lists with This Book. They are sitting ducks in hostile territory. Being in a glass-half-full mood and not much of a series abandoner, despite my best effortsI decided to read Crossed to see if it could provoke a stronger response.

She was determined and fierce. I mean, you're in the moment, and then all of a sudden, one of the characters starts reminiscing about some memory, or starts considering a leaf or a piece condiw grass and thinking, "Wow, how beautiful.

I wanted to like this book more. To go through what they have, I expect there to be an intense love between the two, as you would have no motivation otherwise to go through these things and I ctossed did not feel it.

Unlike when I was reading the first book, which I automatically got sucked into. Languages Simple English Edit links.

At one point she even view spoiler [asks Ky to travel with her to the Rising and leave Cassia! Looking for beautiful books? I'm going to go think about this story some more I'm looking forward to the last book of the trilogy.

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