Hank haney the big miss

Dec 19, Rbarfuss rated it liked it Shelves: Looking for More Great Reads? The great majority, in fact, delves into the detail of what it's like to adjust the swing — and experience the cold shoulder — of a restless soul so dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Aug 22, Fernando Montenegro rated it really liked it Recommends it for:

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On those days, it was impossible to imagine another human playing golf so perfectly. Read it Forward Read it first. Return to Book Page. And I got a better picture of Tiger than I did before. A glossary at the end tries to be helpful, but with limited success.

To ask other readers questions about The Big Missplease sign up. He goes out of his way to show he yhe a better reco The book was fine. This and numerous other personality traits made Haney an ideal match as a swing coach for Tiger Woods. Was it worth my time to read?

It always made me feel good. The theme of the big miss is expertly woven hxney this very engaging book. My husband made me read it.

‘Big Miss’ says as much about Hank Haney as it does about Tiger Woods

This book is more like a bad soap opera with some insightful information about some of Tiger's greatest, and worst, performances. For, in the end, what's so remarkable about the Haney testament isn't just the testimony itself but that the Pandora's Box of Tiger's complex life and personality has finally been pried open by someone within Tiger's orbit who isn't a client of Gloria Allred.

You can't help but respect Haney in the sense he calls it as it is but is thoughtful and empathic. T here have been better books set in the world of golf than The Big Miss, Hank Haney's account of his time as Tiger Woods's swing coach the great Golf Digest writer Dan Jenkins used to knock out a minor classic every year or soand there have arguably been better books about Tiger Woods Tom Callahan's His Father's Son, a hard-boiled biography of Earl Woods, is crammed with good old-school reporting and reveals a great deal about the golfer by examining the father who shaped his life.

Even the casual fan might find this interesting because Tiger Woods is such a well-known sports personality and his coach provides a study in what it takes to achieve the level of success that Tiger reached and found so difficult to maintain.

When push came to shove, of course, it was Haney who changed more for Woods. Hank Haney is a really good golf instructor.

I would like to read the same story from his viewpoint, but know that is highly unlikely since Tiger is far from being an open book or the type of person to tell his hhank story.

Haney is quick to express his gratitude for the opportunity given to him by Woods.

The Big Miss has been sold as a gossip book and should be read as one

He has his own ideas, and he likes to experiment. Sergio Garcia leads by two in South Africa. If you're not a golf fan though you may find it difficult to sit through all of the miniscule bjg of holding the club face, hitting the ball, working on longshots.

A really great read for golfers. And he really wanted a popsicle. Especially compelling for me were the insights into Tiger's belief that intense range practice provides the foundation for success.

Tiger never let anyone really into his world.

The Big Miss has been sold as a gossip book and should be read as one | Sport | The Guardian

And so it turns out in The Big Miss To be fair to Haney he msis temperamentally serious, and seriously steeped in golf. I wonder did Butch Harmon have the same complaints? Then, at the end of the year, everything spiraled out of control for perhaps the biggest control freak in all of sports.

Refresh and try again. Like them he pays homage to the "good" Thd Woods. Woods's former wife was generous enough to host Haney at her marital home while he was coaching her then husband around 30 nights a year, by Haney's estimation. I wish Tiger had been nicer to me. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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