La insolacion

Around the ranch the stone-white earth, blinding from the timely sun, seemed to lose form in a trembling boil, that put the fluttering of the fox-terriers to sleep. This site uses cookies. No trivia or quizzes yet. The animal walked with its head down, apparently indecisive about which path to follow.

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All the meanwhile the heat grew. He stood up to the sun like one of the farmhands and the walk did wonders for his bad temper. This site uses cookies. He ate lunch and then went up to take a siesta. Mister Jones stopped, turned, and collapsed.

La Insolación / Sunstroke – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

Send the link below via email or IM. After Death would come a new master, misery, and kicks! With the same silence as their house work the peones, wrapped to their ears in loose bandanas, supported the oven hot air l from freshly-tilled earth.

But the growing heat made them quickly abandon the spot for the shade of the balconies.

They growled at the slightest noise without knowing where it came from. Milk crossed his front paws and felt a twinge of pain.

Jones, who continued to sit unmoving, looking at them. He ate lunch and laid down for a siesta.

As soon as they came near the house, they trotted faster. The five fox terriers spread out on the ground, deadened by their lives of ease, and slept.

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He stopped at the edge of the field, stretched out on the hill, his eyes half-closed, wiggled his nose, and laid down calmly. They slowly spread out again to lie down under the sun. Jorge Hurtado rated it really liked it Apr 09, At midnight they heard his steps and the thud of his two boots on the floorboards before the light came on. The other dogs rose too, their hair bristling. There they remained without moving, it was still too early to be bothered by flies.

They passed the remainder of the afternoon at the side of their owner, sombre and alert.

La Insolación by kirk testa on Prezi

Leave a Reply Insolaion reply Enter your comment here To shorten the distance and avoid the dusty bend of the road, he followed a straight line to his farm.

He resumed walking so as to remove that feeling once and for all … and soon came to his senses and found himself in a different place; he had gone half a block without noticing anything.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jones sitting on a trunk gazing fixedly at him. Mister Jones, with the whip still in his hand, sent the peon back to the field, to prevent whipping him if he continued hearing the Jesuit pleadings of the peon. I am a personal carer, writer and traveller, among other things, originally from just outside Melbourne in Australia.

Mister Jones got his screw and headed back to the ranch. More presentations by kirk testa Making and Eating Paella. The shortage of air was such that it was hard to breathe properly. Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are insolacioh affected. He sent a peon over to the nearest sawmill, telling him to take the horse, a good animal, just a bit sun worn. Nicolas Alvarez rated it liked it Oct 04, One by one the pack grew with the arrival of oa other members:

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