Lenovo t61 specifications

Another subtle change that many diehard Thinkpad users will notice is the sticker has changed from being the older multi-color IBM logo, to just "ThinkPad Tseries". Waking from hibernation about 30 seconds was nearly identical on both machines, most likely because of the high-end components and 2GB of RAM in our configuration; a less-potent machine might see a benefit here. It is a free benchmarking tool, and can be found here: However, the distance decreased gradually.

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When toggling screen brightness I didn?

A standard-screen model will be available with specificagions same powerful Centrino Duo components. The touchpad is a bit on the small side to accommodate the TrackPoint's mouse buttons.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Review

Notice how thick those hinges are:. The keyboard is as comfortable as ever, and we're happy to see both the TrackPoint pointing stick, with a central scroll toggle between the mouse buttons, and a touchpad with its own buttons.

Interestingly Google software is no longer present like it was on the T60, you actually get a Windows Live Toolbar and search included now? Another subtle change that many diehard Thinkpad users will notice is the sticker has changed from being the older multi-color IBM logo, to just "ThinkPad Tseries".

Connect Comparison,Long, Date: New Centrino technology doesn't offer outsize performance gains. You can also get a Smart Card slot in place of the ExpressCard if your company needs that.

Viewing angles are fine side to side, but the screen washes out when viewed from above. It seems most of the initial reviews were done using very power hungry dedicated graphics solutions and with a 4-cell battery.

The 3DMark05 synthetic graphics benchmark results. I wish the screen would go about two notches brighter than it does, Fujitsu and HP definitely do a better job offering brighter screens on their business notebooks. The keyboard is as excellent as ever, the sturdy build is great, and the new port options are appreciated.

If all that talk is nonsense to you, soecifications suffice it to say the T61 offers newer and better processing components than the T Black is a fine look, it never goes out of style, just ask Steve Jobs. If you sell your ThinkPad, there is no need to transfer the warranty.

ThinkPad T61 Specifications

I found this annoying as this was always included on sprcifications ThinkPads, maybe it? You get a faster processor front side bus MHzmore processor speicfications 4MB and an improved integrated graphics solution in the form of the Intel X Reg Hardware When the world ends in a nuclear glow or a flood of melted icecaps, the final remaining life will elnovo bacteria in the vents of undersea volcanoes and the last piece of technology to give up the ghost will surely be a ThinkPad.

On the right side of the T61 from back to front is a USB 2. It's no gaming machine, with a score of only 1, on 3DMark03, but this ThinkPad's 3D results are in line with other business portables.

The downside of a 6-cell battery is that it sticks out of the back see pics and weighs more, but I?

The dimensions of the T61 assuming 4-cell battery that does not stick out are as follows: The T61 body is a rugged plastic that does not flex. For instance, check the reduce screen refresh option and you can gain a couple of minutes of battery life, and the interface will show you that approximation. Specifiications Memory-equipped Vista machines can wake faster from hibernation and load and run applications faster. Lenovo claims that the screen is now 25 percent more resistant to breakage than previous models.

More heat vents are now located on the underneath of the T-series view large image.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Specifications

Internal roll cage protects LCD; A video best demonstrates this:. Suggested Stories Ultimate Notebook Buying Guide We break down the latest and greatest notebooks in every category, from ultraportables to multimedia monsters, and give you our top picks in each. The white LED ThinkLight above the screen sheds just enough light on the keys in a darkened room, and the handy volume and mute buttons sit above the keyboard's function keys.

We tested the top-of-the-line 2. I was a skeptic when hearing this, but after putting the T61 head to head with my 2-year old T43 to measure system temps and noise when performing similar tasks, I? Super PI, used to test CPU performance by calculating pi to 2 million digits of accuracy, demonstrates that the T61 was able to outperform the older generation ThinkPads with similar clockspeeds.

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