Blood ransom sophie mckenzie

I really got to see what was going on inside his head, and how much he loved Rachel. So gutted that there isn't a sequel. Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site.

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Blood ransom / Sophie McKenzie - Details - Trove

Straight into engaging me with events, the beginnings just stick in my mind even if the rest of the book does not follow suit. Definitely a book I would read again but one that you would need to read Blood Ties first.

So gutted that there isn't a sequel. I finished this book because the stry got me interesting in finding out what was going to happend next.

Blood Ransom | Book by Sophie McKenzie | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

Sometimes the characters dont really think, But i loved the book anyway. Theo's dad sent Lewis in a mission to rescue Theo, so Lewis started working undercover in the RAGE group in order to find out more about their plans.

It's not enough to find out you're a clone and to have both a renegade scientist and a fundamentalist terrorist group trying to kill you.

He looks terrified and denies it. I think a reason a lot of people like this series is because it is fast-paced, and something is always blooc there are no long boring bits, which appeals to people of all different ages. Taking a blast from my earlier teenage years with these two Sophie McKenzie books.

Aug 21, Orpa rated it it was ok. Months later, Rachel comes home from a taster day at a new school and goes online to chat with Rnasom. Meanwhile, Rachel is visited by her parents, who are delighted to see her safe and sound and do their best to solhie her. Join us on Facebook! Sep 07, Johnmar rated it really liked it Shelves: I was also very glad Lewis was back - and that his feelings toward Elijah for what he did in Blood Ties were explored.

To ask other readers questions about Blood Ransomplease sign up. I was so taken with Rachel and Theo I had to know what happened next. With the information he received from his mother, Theo searches for his father on the internet with the sophis of his best friend, Jake. Not able to see each other, but communicating every week through chat rooms Theo solhie concerned when Rachel misses one of their meetings.

I would recommend this book to Michelle. After spending a couple of months at Elijah's house in D. Paperback eBook More Formats Paperback. When Rachel discovers that evil scientist Elijah is still working in secret for a section of the government and about to murder Daniel, she sets out to rescue the little boy, but her plans backfire with disastrous rahsom. They just had no idea how terribleā€¦. Not bad considering what else is out there. Maybe I should try one of her books So rnasom my friend let me borrow the sequel, Blood Ransom, I was really eager to read it - and I wasn't disappointed.

Blood Ransom by Sophie McKenzie.

Blood Ransom

When Rachel receives on her phone a weird text message from her father, Richard, that says, "Goddess still safe in Heaven. Rasom, I do loved that they were put on the backburner when action was required rather than it being consistently being thrusted in my face. As for Theo, I always liked him.

It just kept making me want to laugh that they thought th 3. Why does he need to track Rachel down so badly? Sep 04, 16papendorfa rated it it was amazing.

I liked how the story started right away and there was not the pointless information at the beginning that a lot of books have, which you have to struggle through to get to the exciting stuff and i also liked how there was the new experiment with the babies and Eos Protein and it wasn't the exact same plot ranosm the book before, which sequels sometimes are. Those of you who have read a few more of my reviews have probably picked up on the fact that I loathe weak girls who go running to the strong boy in bad situations.

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